How to release new features safely?

Feature Flags of AppTunnel allows you to gradually release new features and roll back the ones that does not work for you.

It is always risky to deploy and release new versions of your mobile applications, so many things may go wrong on production. Separating the application release and feature release and being able to roll back whenever you need is crucial.

You can easily create a Feature Flag on AppTunnel and with the help of our mobile sdks, you can have full control on release of your features.

Gradually release your features, increase and decrease the percentages of users who can access to new features and when things go wrong, safely rollback without making any release, only by using AppTunnel’s control panel.

AppTunnel’s fully scalable Feature Flags are safe way to release new features. Release safely, get first feedbacks from your users and decide if you are ready to go with this feature or not.

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