Why you need A/B Testing

You may think you know what is the best for user experience and conversion on your mobile applications. The thing is, you are probably wrong.

You may think, a new shiny register form with less fields will definitely increase your conversion rate. That may not be the case always.

The only way to be sure is proving it with data. A/B Tests a.k.a split tests are crucial for reaching the best versions of your mobile applications. You need to test, fix and iterate.

A/B Testing is looking to your product from user’s perspective, A/B Testing is letting your users talk about your product without actually talking. Their feedback is the magic that will do the fine tuning on your product.

AppTunnel gives you the perfect platform for creating a/b tests on your mobile applications, use it wisely and always be testing.

Why you need to use Feature Flags

Feature Flags on AppTunnel is a great tool to make mobile app releases much safer and reliable.

Mobile Apps, by their nature are hard to maintain, since they are distributed via single channel and releasing updates are hard, it is crucial for mobile app developers to have some backup solutions.

Feature Flags on AppTunnel is a great companion for developing and releasing mobile applications.

Lower the risk of releasing new features

You can use Feature Flags on AppTunnel for lowering the risk of releasing new features. Simply set-up 2 variation Feature Flag and configure this on your mobile application process. 

With AppTunnel’s control panel you can manage what percentages of user’s can access to new features on your mobile applications. 

Switching between feature variations

Use AppTunnel’s Feature Flags for switching between features. Create variations as many as the number of features you have and you can simply divert the users to features you need. 

Let’s explain that with a simple example. On iOS applications, users have 3 options for browsing. Internal browser, Safari View Controller and Safari Application. You can create 3 variation Feature Flag on AppTunnel and divert users to any option you need, to open the links on your application, without making a release, by using our control panel.

Remove unused features cleanly

On mobile applications, once a user installs your application, only users can decide about updating the application to a newer version or deleting the application.

If you need to kill a feature for all your users, not just for the updating ones, you need a solution for that. Feature Flags can help you with that. You can create a Feature Flag and you can turn off and on a feature for all your users, when you need.

Maintenance mode

Diverting users to maintenance mode screens are one of the great usages of Feature Flags on AppTunnel. You can safely block users to get access to to features and show them a maintenance mode message.

Simply create 2 variation Feature Flag for it on AppTunnel and when you are on maintenance mode, turn of maintenance variation to 100%.

Load balancing

You can use Feature Flags for load balancing by creating variations and diverting users between those variations.

You can tell some percentages of users to come back later because you are having heavy times, or you can switch users between your server variations.

Use cases of Feature Flags are infinite. AppTunnel offers a complete Feature Flag solutions for mobile application developers. 

If you have any questions you can always reach us at support@apptunnel.com