What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing, also known as split testing, is an experiment to find best performing variant among 2 or more.

Users are randomly directed to different variants and their statistical analysis are measured in order to detect best performing variant for a given goal.

Subject of experiment can be user experience, user interface or content. Color of a button (UI), design of a page layout (UX) or the text on a invitation e-mail (Content) are simple examples.

A/B Testing helps companies or individuals make much better product decisions that are proven with data. This does not only increase conversion but also allows them to understand their users better and have  better opinions on their product.

AppTunnel is focused on code based mobile A/B tests and can help you with all kinds of experiments you want to perform on your mobile applications.

  • By testing a color of a sale button, you can understand which color is more appealing to your users.
  • You can test layout of a page and understand which layout gives the best impression to your users.
  • You can test a description text of a feature and understand which words are having the best impact on your users.

Things can be A/B Tested are infinite, you should always be testing and improving your applications.

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