Why do we build AppTunnel, mobile a/b testing and feature flags platform

There are number of platforms doing the same job we do, mobile a/b testing and feature flagging, so why do we build AppTunnel?

The reason we are building AppTunnel is we are looking for simplicity. Most of the platforms on the market are over complicated either with their side features or with their architecture.

On our developer and product manager jobs we used different tools for mobile a/b testing and feature flagging. Best one that worked for us was from Amazon but unfortunately Amazon decided to kill that feature.

After Amazon it was a total chaos for us, we tried many tools to replace it but none of them made us happy. The reasons were mainly about inefficiency of the products or the main focus of these products was not mobile a/b testing and feature flagging.

Later we decided to go more over this problem and started building our own platform. We believe with our experience we can build a much better product and help many others to build better mobile applications.

We quitted our jobs and started working full-time on AppTunnel and after few months of hard work we are proud to release the first version of AppTunnel.

In a short time we built our platform and mobile sdks and also started using them with comfort on our some products and we love it. We believe you will also love it.

Our plan for the future is to extend our platform for the needs of our customers but we promise to keep everything simple and efficient.

AppTunnel Team

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